About apple leather

More Than Zero Waste!

This was an ugly apple.

No kidding. All natural. Made from waste.

Why? We care. Not only about your style, but also about the environment.

How? “Trester”, a by-product of apple-juice-extraction is used to produce synthetic leather instead of conventional plastic. With its silky-smooth feel, appleleather is a perfect alternative for leather. Produced in Firenze, Italy, we use this fabric to give those ugly apples a second life as a Heist bag. Designed and ethically produced in Graz.

When? Now.

your most burning question

How does it work?

It all begins in South Tyrol, in Italy, with the cultivation of apples destined for the food industry.


The cultivated apples are used to make juices, jams, and other food products. The waste from the process (apple cores and peels) will be thermally destroyed or deposited in landfills.


Currently it is estimated that that about 30,000 tons of apple waste is being discarded.  If not reused by our fabricant these discards cause high costs of waste management for the companies.


These peels and cores are then used by the Bolzano-based company, which gives it new life in the form of powder.


This powder is used by the fabricant to substitute oil derivatives (such as PU) with 100% organic industrial waste.


At the end of the process they obtain a vegan and sustainable material able to replace real leather, widely used in the consumer industry. 



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